St Paul’s Cathedral Concert

An Evening with the Cathedral Choristers of Britain

Wednesday 27 April 2016, St Paul’s Cathedral


Choristers Conducted by Andrew Carwood, Director of Music, St Paul’s Cathedral

What an amazing evening with the choristers of Britain last night at St Paul’s Cathedral! They sounded as if they had been singing together for years instead of for a couple of afternoons, slipping into the groove like seasoned troopers – which is exactly what choristers are.

This was an unforgettable concert, exceeding so many people’s expectations. Who could fail to be moved by the setting? That famous echo – so often the bane of many a concert – proved not so much an obstacle but a rich enhancement to the evening’s proceedings. Aled Jones and Alexander Armstrong made wonderful speeches. The choice of music perfectly brought out the capabilities of the children. Andrew Carwood melded them together skilfully, and his appeal to a packed audience at the end of the concert to support the cause touched many.

The world premiere of “Bring us O Lord God”, composed especially for the occasion by Philip Stopford, was a splendid and moving interpretation of the John Donne text and much enjoyed by choir and audience alike.

As to the choristers themselves, who could fail to be moved by the brilliance of their performance. Their mums and dads have every reason to be proud of them. The audience were simply in awe at their skills, the beauty as well as the power of their singing, and the huge commitment and enthusiasm they brought to their task, underlining what an incredible start to life their training gives them as well as fantastic pleasure – for us all as well as them. Hats off to the dedicated cathedral Directors of Music for the amazing work they put in – not just for this spectacular event either, but day after day, month after month, year after year to give these children such a flying start to their lives.

For a flavour of the event ………

Hear and see the choristers in rehearsal


Alexander Armstrong the Classic FM and Pointless presenter has issued a rallying cry in defence of cathedral choirs warning that we’re in danger of losing ‘a national treasure of enormous size and value’ Read more here

Hear John Rutter talk about the concert

Listen to Philip Stopford talk about his new composition for the concert



 is the lead donor for the concert (

Classic FM Logo

is proud to support this event (

Read more here

The Diamond Fund for Choristers – Our heritage, their future


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