Ripon Cathedral ChoirWhat’s so special about choristers?

Singing in cathedral choirs offers girls and boys of all backgrounds unrivalled opportunities to acquire other skills and qualities that are invaluable in their school lives and in their later careers. Concentration, punctuality, accuracy, commitment, self-confidence, team-working, awareness of what’s going on round you, the pursuit of high standards, and an ability to handle competing pressures are just some of these skills obtained.

Canterbury Cathedral Choristers
As the late Sir David Calcutt QC (himself a former chorister) put it, by 13 a chorister has:
“done a man’s job at a boy ’s age”.  

Nowadays our cathedral choirs promote inclusiveness, diversity and equality of opportunity, and make a rarely acknowledged contribution to sustaining our national life and traditions in music, culture and heritage. They foster excellence without elitism.